My Book Duo - Recovering files after enclosure failure


Hi, I’ve had a My Book Duo (not Live and not newest version) for a few years, in a RAID configuration to protect my data. There’s years worth of work on there, but now the enclosure has failed, it just shows 3 red lights and can’t be accessed. Hopefully one or both of the drives are still OK, but when I put them in a (not WD) external enclosure, windows wants to initialize the drives, which will delete the data. How can I access my data and copy it to somewhere safe?


Hi dantastic,

My Book Duo is shipped with enabled hardware encryption and the encryption is always turned on and cannot be configured.

If the My Book Duo enclosure fails, replace the My Book Duo enclosure. Make sure that the My Book Duo firmware is the most recent, the move the HDDs in the replacement enclosure of the My Book Duo. The data should be available without any other configuration.