MyBook Duo Enclosure Broke. Mode was RAID 1. Cannot read files from either disk

I have mistaken MyBook Duo as a backup solution and am now facing a problem similar to this:

However, maybe there still is a way to recover my data, since I used a somewhat custom approach: On my Windows PC, I installed the WD Drive Utilities, configured MyBook as RAID1 and disabled hardware encryption. Then, on my main machine (ArchLinux), MyBook with two partitions was detected. Excellent I thought, partitioned the 5.5 TB as ext4 and used it happily ever since.

When I wanted to connect it today, disaster struck and I was presented with a red, blinking LED. Connecting MyBook to Windows gave me the following message:

My Book Duo RAID volume has errors and the data is not accessible

After some fruitless research, I decided to open up the Enclosing and take the drives out. The drives are well working and the raw content can be read, however there are no partition information available. I cannot mount the large partition, hence cannot read the files.

The content should not be encrypted (as mentioned above). Is there really no way for me to access the partitions anymore?

Hi @pillepalle1,

My book is not the user-serviceable device. If your enclosure fails then you would need to contact third-party data recovery companies to get the data recovered from the drives.

For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance:

Hello, how did you disable the hardware encryption? Thanks

You cannot; even though the Wizard shows you an option for it. The solution provided by support was to “buy a new MyBook Duo and fudge the old drives in. Sorry for the trouble, we give you a coupon so you can get it a bit cheaper, but unfortunately you cannot use it where you are currently located”. There is a tool called reallymine GitHub - andlabs/reallymine: WD MyBook encrypted hard drive decryption (still WIP). , but unfortunately they cannot deal with the chipset used for my enclosure ( JMS561 from JMicron ) . I even tried contacting the chipset-manufacturer directly, but they just push the responsibility to WD.

I purchased a new enclosure, got my data out and then just got rid of the enclosure.