My book duo 8tb enclosure failure

I’m pretty sure the enclosure failed on my my book duo 8tb hard drive. I bought it a few months ago and now when I plug it in/connect it to my Mac it can’t be found. I have it set to mirrored raid HFS-J. I’ve tried trouble shooting with different cords and computers with no luck.

My question is: can I put the two drives in a new enclosure and access my files? I have found a page on the WD troubleshooting page that says that’s what needs to be done, but after reading forums and reddit people make it seem like that’s not the case.

Has anyone experienced this or tried putting drives in a replacement enclosure?

Hi Nickbphoto,

The WD My Book Duo Device enclosure comes with 256-bit Hardware Encryption. You can replace the failed enclosure with the same enclosure otherwise the data on the internal hard drive(s) may or may not be accessible when used in another enclosure.

For more information, you can refer the below mentioned link to know about hardware encrypted devices.

You can refer the below mentioned link to replace your in-warranty hard drive.

Hi Nickbphoto, did you ever try put the drives into another enclosure? My brand new MyBook Duo 8tb failed after less than a week, saying that the data cannot be accessed. It was configured in RAID1 to allow me access to the data in case one drive failed, but I have also come across conflicting information about whether I would be able to read a single drive in a different enclosure.

Honestly this is ■■■■■■■ bullshit.
I bought another enclosure and was able to get my data back, but not hos you would think. I had to have one new hard drive in the new enclosure and one (with my data I’m trying to back up) old. Then I had to back everything up to another hard drive.
I then wiped the new drive and configured it to raid 1. I then moved everything back over to the new drive from the other hard drive.
The entire process took 3 days.
Now, fast forward a few weeks and I’m right back where I started. That right, the new ■■■■■■■ enclosure and drives failed AGAIN. The pulsing amber light is back on my new enclosure.
To say I am upset is an understatement.
I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.
I would never recommend this product to anyone.
I will never be using this product again or anything from your company.
What I though was a fail safe backup solution is a total joke.
Honestly WD you should be ashamed of your product.

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Hi Nick: I’m in the same boat as you except I haven’t had a drive or enclosure failure yet. I thought my video was backed up for all time (raid1), and if worse came to worst, I could plug the drives into a SATA caddy and access them from my computer. I’ve contacted several manufacturers and they all encrypt. I’m thinking that single enclosers, or a raid with JBOD is the way to go, and back up to another single encloser. This is very cluncky and stupid. I mean, what is a dual drive backup good for if in 8 years it’s unusable? What did you eventually do??