My Book Duo 12TB 3 Red Lights

UPDATE: When I woke up this morning, the drive magically had power and the lights were flashing red because I had a drive out of the enclosure. When I powered my PC down and re-inserted the drive in the Duo and powered up my PC, it read the drive just fine and only a white light was on. I opened the drive through “My PC” and saw all the folders and data, but as soon as I double clicked on a folder, the duo powered off and now has no power.

I’ve owned my My Book Duo for about 1 year. It have ~10TB of data on it, and is rarely used. today I went to watch a movie on it, and it was mysteriously non-responsive.

I restarted my PC, but had no luck. I unplugged the Duo and when I plugged the power adapter back in, I saw all 3 lights were red (for just a second) then they turn off.

Is this a disc issue, or a power adapter issue? I connected one of the drives though a SATA port and through “disk management” it sees the drive but says it needs to be formatted. I’m assuming this is because of an encryption.

Any help with this would be appreciated. About 70% of the files on the drives don’t have back ups, so I’m hoping for good news but in the past a Red light on a drive isn’t usually an easy thing to deal with.


Sounds like a power issue. Is the drive connected to a wall outlet? if not, please try that and if possible, try using a different power cable.

It’s definitely a power issue. I believe there is a loose connection and when the solder that holds the power supply connection warms up, it shuts off. I have rigged it with a fan for the moment and I am transferring data to a few other HDD’s. I was told by a guy from WD that if I ordered a new enclosure that if I put the drives in there, that they should work just fine and no worrying about any encryption. Here’s hoping.