My Book Duo 20TB drive very loud fan?


I purchased a 20TB My Book Drive in Dec and so far its been fine but today i noticed a loud fan noise and realised it was coming from the drive (I’ve never heard it spin that fast or loud before).
The drive was no longer recognised on any PC either and every time I unplugged and plugged only the power lead back in again, the fan immediately spun up loudly at full speed.
It didn’t feel hot at all and wasn’t in use and after a few attempts of plugging back in, it remained quiet and normal again and was picked up by the PC.

Is this anything to worry about considering the amount of data on it (and the price it cost me)?

Hi mattcee,

You can run SMART test to check the health of drive using WD Drive Utility. If drive failed in test, recommend to take backup of data immediately.

I’m having this same exact issue on the 12TB My Book Duo. It passes all the diagnostic tests. This issue started on June 8th, and now happens once every day or so, whereas it never had happened before. Please advise.

Mine passes all tests ok too but the fan goes into hyper mode randomly and loses connection with the PC.
Its all very well saying back up immediately but thats not very convenient or practical when I bought a huge 20TB drive (for hundreds of Pounds) for the very purpose of backing up.
There must some other reason why the fan kicks in so hard and constant and then loses connection with the computer?

Hi mattcee,

You should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support;

The link below will allow you to call support.

Hi Hope you sorted it…
Personaly I would love a Duo with working fans (pipe dream #32768)

I suspect your drives got way too hot for what ever reason (i use hard disk sentiel to monitor the temperatures and smart 24/7)
Sentinel has show that my 20TB drives run at 52C in my basement computer room (cool place) but not enough to kick the fans in so…

I have had to buy, strap and stick fans onto the outside of the case to get my drives to cool down

I expect LIKE me your drives are overheating and I have read rumours that the fans dont kick in untill the internal drive temperature is 59C (way stupid in my opinion, hense my stick on fan solution)

fllog its 2017 variable speed fans are not new tech peeps
also i bought more than one of these so its not rogue enclosure all do it

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I’m having the exact same problem with MyBook Duo 12TB.
Anybody had any resolution from WD on this ?


I also have the same issue. Has anybody found a solution?


Hey Matt, I was wondering what ended up happening with your MyBook after this? I just had the same thing happen to mine (Disconnected abruptly and fan started going off). Not really sure what caused it – I’ve only ever used the WD My Cloud so I’m hoping this isn’t a serious issue with the MyBooks.


I just had the exact same issue with my My Book Duo 6TB. I chatted with Support and they suggested that I unplug it from my APC UPS and plug it directly into a wall outlet. I did that and believe it or not, that fixed it! I have other things plugged into my UPS and all of them are working fine. And I’ve had the My Book plugged into this UPS for a long time now without issue. And the weird thing is that there is only one particular wall outlet in the room that works for me. Any other wall outlet that I try, I still have the problem with the loud fan and the PC not recognizing the drive.

Thank you for this. I know this post is old. I created an account just so that I can reply to this. I also had my MY BOOK DUO plugged into a power strip that was plugged into a UPS. I unplugged it and plugged it directly into the wall and it turned on like normal and my PC recognized it. No more fast spinning fans. Working like normal again.

So if anyone else comes across this issue please try this as it worked for me.

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Thanks for the cue.
My Duo was plugged into a power strip with the iMac and few other drives. The fan roar like crazy gradually within an hour of switching on. Tried everything, even when the disks were unmounted.
The fan no longer roar after it was plugged in separately. I wondered why. Since so many had written to WD on similar situation, its not user’s problem anymore.

Unfortunately I tried this and it hasn’t resolved the problem. Just wondering if the problem came back for you or if changing to wall socket fixed it for good?

The installation of additional cooling helped me. I noticed that the fan on the drive would turn on when the temperature approached 44 degrees Celsius. With the additional cooling, the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius.

The STL model and description are available at the following link:

Posted the model on WD My Book Duo cooling platform by ichashkin - Thingiverse