Mybook Duo 20TB Overheating


I have purchased two Mybook Duo 20TB to go with my two Mybook Duo 16TB

I’m running the two new Drives as a simple Raid 0 to use the full capacity.
Today I arrived home (night) to find both “housings” very hot and the drives disconnected form windows.

The only activity that might have been active while i was out was indexing (NTFS).

I checked the airflow around them and the 16TB drives is not obstructed. the two 16TB housings were cool and still connected to Windows.

I attempted to connect one of them and it disconnected and flashed an orange front light.

I waited some time and tried again and was able to connect the drive , i saw a warning pop up in the utility saying it was over temperature and then the fan kicked in.

I checked and they are on the latest firmware.

Anyone have experience with the Mybook Duo 20TB and temperature problems?

Install WD drive utilities and run the diagnostic tests
if any test fails or the issue remains same : contact WD Support and get the drive replaced if its still under warranty.

You can download latest version of WD drive utilities from the link below and select the option whether you are using windows or Mac.

Please follow the link below to know how to use WD drive utilities.

Exact same issue here. 20tb drives connected to Mac mini. Has happened twice after macOS upgrades. Drives are spinning but enclosure is not responsive, fan is not working or working at low speed. After power cycling drivedx shows temp 66C and enclosure’s fan starts to spin at full speed. What is going on?
These are supposed to be running unattended…

Whether it’s a flash drive, hard disk drive or any other storage device, all are electronic products and equally uncertain in life. Overheating of any storage drive is more severe than we think. Every storage drive has a minimum and maximum operating temperature. Any change in the internal or external temperature significantly affects the drive performance and life. Anything below or above the ideal temperature can have a bad impact on the drive and can lead to the following issues:

  • Data loss
  • File corruption
  • Drive corruption
  • Increase in bad sectors
  • System crash
  • Frequent system freeze
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Constant screeching, clicking or whirring sound
  • Drive failure

To know more about the issue & how you can fix this, I suggest you to check out the below link:

Hope it will help.

What would help probably is an enclosure firmware update. I suspect it just crashed, because the fan did not react to temperature until after power cycling. It most likely would not have overheated if fan was working properly. But I have no idea how it is built, could be something else.

OT Talking about firmware, why on earth it does not wake up both drives simultaneously? I mean raid 0 configuration. It takes twice as long to wake up. It’s such an obvious thing to implement if you are writing custom fw anyway.

I’m experiencing the same with mine. They get hot even when they are not used. Despite standby settings. Both on Windows and Linux. No firmware update available.

Already got a replacement and the new copy does the same. Seems like the drives inside are actually 7200rpm, not 5400rpm as advertise (link).

I’m very curious if there is anyone out there with a 20T version that runs cool or if there are any workarounds for this (I plan to use it as a backup drive, don’t need to run it 24/7).