WD live tv doesn't see USB hard drive on Router (DIR-825)

If I connect the drive directly to the WD Live TV, it works without a problem.  When I connect the WD Live Tv to the router (Dlink Dir-825) w/ USB, and the hard drive (WD mybook 2TB) to USB port on the router, the WD live TV doesn’t see the HD.  My laptop has no problem of reading the Hard drive.  What am I doing wrong?

I have a similar problem. The wireless internet works fine, but it doesn’t pick up my hard drive which is connected to my router (Apple Airport Extreme). Can anybody help with this?

I’m not sure how D-Link present their USB port on the network, but if it’s anything like the Linksys WRT610N, then there are a couple of options.

  1. DNLA media server, presenting Music, Photos and Video “folders”

  2. Network shares

I have UPNP enabled on my WRT610N and can access my WD Elements 1.5Tb disk from the HDTV Live via both of the above methods.  However, neither works properly on MP3 playback.

The media server interface works perfectly for exactly 30 minutes after which the HDTV Live suffers a network connection failure - this is repeated every 30 minutes precisely.  Note that HDTV Live cannot access the media server “folders” whilst the router is scanning the disk.  Typically you will receive a “no media in folder” message whilst the scan is progressing.

The network shares interface does not suffer fom network dropouts, however, it takes ages (several minutes) to attach and present the files in the first place, after which there is a very irritating gap of 15-20 seconds between every track played.

WD has some work to do to fix their numerous network related issues!

any help for mac users? my reply from western digital help desk wasn’t very helpful.

any fix for this im having this problem now

Are you connecting the WD TV Live by USB to the router?  And then connecting the hard drive to the router by USB?

hi! im having same issue.

i bought a linksys E3000 router and when i put on my usb drive directly to the router and try to access from wdtv live, i get “There is no media in the current folder” in network shares.

but with UPnP Media Server it works.

the problem is that there is no subtitles with media server. so i want to use the drive with network shares.

could somebody help us?

thanks a lot and im sorry for my poor english