Connecting hard drive though router

I would like to access my external hard drive by connecting it to my rourter though the USB port. When do this I am able to see and access the hard drive on my imac & PC,s which sits on my network but not the Live Hub. Can any one think why this could be.

Many Thanks

Try connecting the USB hard drive to the Mac or Windows computer and share it from there. 



Thank you for your reply. Yes I can do that ,but it would mean I would have to turn on the iMac or PC. I would like to be able to access the hard drive,mac,PC & live hub without having to move the hard drive around. I could buy a nas which I think will get around this but only if I need to. I just can’t work out why I cannot pick up the hard drive though the router on the live hub like I can on the mac & PC. Thanks

I am not sure how this setup works, but I am assuming the harddrive gets assigned and IP address like it is a computer connected to the router? If so, how do your machines resolve the netbios name of the drive? I guess I am asking when the drive is on your router,  and you access  it from your PC, does it appear as another computer? 

That said, how do you make a share point on the drive that way? When you connect via network share the hub asks you if it is Windows or Linux, and the remote drive has to be announcing that it is available, and then that it has share points to connect to.

Sorry no answer, just more questions, but it is an interesting setup.


Try to access the hard drive while connected to the PC, that way you can verify if you have a compatibility problem with the WD TV and the router.

Ok I will try and explain this the best way I can. On the mac thought the finder I can see the the shared devices on the network. 2 PC 's,router & WdLive hub. On the PC’s I go to my network places and I see iMac the other PC ,router & WdLiv hub. When I connect the hard drive to the router . I can go to the iMac or PC’s double click on the router and it will show the hard drive where my movies are stored . When I go to network share on the WdLive hub I can see the iMac and the PC’s and access the shared folders or the hard drive if it was connected either. As I said earlier I could access the hard drive that way but it would mean I would have to turn on the iMac or the PC’s Which I don’t really what to to do. I was hoping by connecting the hard drive to the router I would be able to go to network share on the WdLive hub select the hard drive and access my movies from there. I can do this on the iMac & PC 's but not on the WdLive hub. Hope this all make sense. Thanks for all your help