Couldn't find this re-posted. WD Link issue, given up

Hey WD Community,

   I’ve been up all night trying to get my windows 7 machine to see the seagate expansion hard drive plugged in to my wd tv live. I downloaded the wd link software and it seems to recognize the “WDTVLive” and gives it IP of “” but the hard drive plugged in to the wd tv live doesn’t show up. The hard drive reads and writes fine, and the wd tv live can play files from it directly through usb but I can’t access it over the network.

After reading the manuals and the forums I changed my network sharing to WORKGROUP and the wd tv live shows up in my network map although it has the strangest thing. It shows a “switch” between the wd tv live and my router. Whatever that is.

My TV can play all the same file formats as this western digital device including MKV with subtitles. The only reasons I got this was because I wanted youtube and the ability to download files directly to the TV or most convient second.

But it was only AFTER I found out that I can neither log in to my youtube account nor watch youtube videos in 1080p and it spams me with adds whenever I open it… lol, why is that?

And it can’t connect to my wireless, nor can it connect to my completely unsecured win 7 machine.

So uh, I’m probably going to take it back to the store in a few hours. Not to diss western digital, infact I was hoping I could maybe use their mybook to connect to my TV via USB and then use the cloud software to download files directly to the hard drive while reading them on my TV. That would be cool :slight_smile:   -but then I found out that the cloud version of the mybook doesn’t have both usb and network support. And the other NAS units from other manufacturers only have write and not read support from usb I was told.

Sorry if it sounds like I’m trolling. I really just need some advice. It’s frustrating that there is no convienient method of playing MKV with subtitles on my TV.

I’ve tried using a media server and the wd tv live picks that up, but browsing it is painfully slow. Any help would be appriciated. Cheers

ok, rant over. I’m not going to return it. I’m going to knuckle down and try to get working. I’ve already come this far