Unable to view USB HDD attached to WD TV Live Hub via PC

Hey folks, I’ve searched for a resolution here and I’ve gone through the manual for my WD media player and I am still completely stumped.

The issue I’m having is that I can only access the INTERNAL storage of my WD TV Live Hub from my PC over the network.  I can’t access, or even see the attached USB HDD (1TB My Book). Has anyone had this issue before? I’m sure that it is possible, to set it up this way, I am just not seeing what setting I have wrong.

PC is 32-bit Vista, router is Netgear n900 Gigabit and WD TV Live Hub is connected to the router via Ethernet cable.

Thanks in advance ladies and gents.


I don’t quite have your setup as I am using the WD MyBook Live which connects via Ethernet.  However,  try going to the Setup screen and then into “Media Library Manager” and then “Add network share to media library.” See if it shows up there and if it does add it.