Unable to Map Live Hub on new network with new PC

Hey I have been using my hub for about two years now with Windows 7 with no issues. I had an ethernet switch connected off of my router (which then connected to both my PC and the WDTV Hub), everything was running fine, I had the drive mapped and was able to drag and drop files through ethernet and all was well.

I have recently scrapped my old PC however, and built a new one, and now I have both the WDTV Live Hub and the new PC connected directly to the router. 

I have been unable to map the drive in Windows 8, I have downloaded the WD Link Setup utility but the option to map the drive is just greyed out. I can see the drive through my Computer, its connected as a network location, however the files are all set out differently in the folder ‘by month’ ‘by date’ etc, and when I attempt to double click and view a file on my PC (which was never an issue before, usually streamed right there and then) I am told the file then needs to be downloaded to the PC before it can play.

Is there some fundamental setting I have overlooked? I can’t seem to just get everything back the way it was before!

Thank you if anyone can help me with this.

Are they part of the same workgroup?

Yeah the Hub was set to WORKGROUP from the old setup so I simply changed my new workgroup on my new PC to the same name!

Try a factory reset on the Hub and go through the setup again after reboot and see if that helps.

I’m just transferring everything over now then will give that a go! Will keep this thread updated, but hope this is all it needs! Thank you everyone so far.

Perfect! Cheers boys.