Accessing mapped drive

hi, i have mapped my  wdtv live hub in windows 7 64 bit , i can acccess it fine at first then after a while it wont let me access it , it say the path was not found , ive tried it using the wd link tool and also using the map a network drive option in windows 7, does anyone know why this happens and how i can stop it from happening,  my wd tv live hub is connected to network using ethernet cable and my laptop is connected wireless, it always seems to happen when i am transfering files from laptop to hub overv the network, thank in advance for any help.

Not sure why this will happen

it could get blocked by firewall or internet security

once you map the drive there’s no need to remap… Just check the box reconnect a logon

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hi, thx for reply , im quite new to this , where do i find the reconnect at logon box? thx