Have to re-map the drive every day

For the past few days when I log in to Windows it says “Could not reconnect all drives” and shows the WD as disconnected in My ComputerI If I right click the drive, select disconnect, then go re-map the drive it works fine.

Any ideas? I’m on Wireless N and it’s been suggested here before with my network connection issues that I try wired, but I haven’t done that yet. No money to do so. Probably going to order a cable this week and try next week.

Just try double-clicking it. You shouldn’t need to disconnect and remap.

tony ph12345, i have same problem and double clicking it does nothing, i have to constantly  disconnect and remap the drive , any other ideas please :slight_smile: thx in advance

Mine gets stupid every now and then too. I’m pretty sure in my case it’s the AT&T U-Verse 2wire router. It seems to get it’s IP’s all hosed up and a reset (not a factory reset) fixes it for a few months. It’ll show me a network icon for the Hub and when I click it I get access to the Live Plus I have. Assigning IPs to each device has helped but not solved the problem.

what program do u guys use to map the internal drive to pc?

i use the wd link program but the connections is mega slow when making moviesheets and series/season folder icons. in thumbgen

I don’t use any programs.  I just use the built-in “Map Network Drive” button on Windows 7.

I had the same problem for a while. Then I gave the Hub a static address and cleared all the devices listed in my 2wire AT&T U-Verse router and it’s been fine since.

how do i give it a static address?

BTW for other guy i tried removing the wdlink program and using map drive thig but thunbgen for some reason didnt detect the drive i set for it.

On the Live Hub:  Setup > Network > Network Setup > Manual

Press OK to Manually Configure IP,DNS etc

JoeySmyth wrote:

On the Live Hub:  Setup > Network > Network Setup > Manual


Press OK to Manually Configure IP,DNS etc

I agree with Joey and am setup that way, but a few words of caution. If your router is assigning IP addresses to machines on your network via DHCP, you need to make sure that it does not assign the one you are statically applying to the HUB. You could do this by keeping it out of the range that your Router/DHCP server is leasing out, or as I do put it as an excluded address so the Router knows not to ever lease that IP address. If that makes sense to you, you’re in good shape. If that is confusing, I would check out your router manual to make sure you know how to do this correctly.

2cents worth


It might also be a good idea after you get it all setup to go pull the plug on the router (power it down) and wait ~30 seconds and power it back up. Make sure to turn off everything that connects to the router wired or wireless is turned off prior to powering down the router. This might allow it to find everything again.

You MIGHT also be OK on the Hub by selecting MANUAL for the network connection and just accepting the defaults that are there. Worth a try.