WD TV Live not seeing HD connected to USB on D-Link 825

I have a DLink 825 with a WD hd connected to it via USB.  My WD TV Live is connected to a DLink 1522 as a bridge.

This was working just fine until I made a change on the router and it rebooted.

Now the WD TV does not see the HD attached to the router.

My pcs can both hit it and the WD sees both PCs, but no the HD attached to the DLink.

If I could attach it via IP then I could force it, but that of course isnt an option.

Aggrivating that it worked for a day then all of a sudden boom, nothing.

I have reset the WD, which of course doesnt do much of anything, it doesnt even blow out the networking (which if you do a reset, it should blow out everything IMHO).

I have unattached and reattached the hd to the router.  The router has been reset a few times as well as the bridge.

At my wits end on this.

now that everyting has been reset a couple of times, you’ll need to double check permissions and share settings etc

but it could be master browser related

so when you reboot the bridge/router a different device probably became the master browser

Thats the thing. The hd is connected directly into the router so there are no permissions or anything like that.  It is open to anything connected to the network.  The WD seems to be the only thing that does not see it.

So after a million restarts I am able to see the drive as a media share.

Now for some reason I cant see any folders past the T’s…anything later in the alphabet than that dont show up…ugh.

Is this the previous generation Live or a new version of the Live?  If it’s the new version, you’re in the wrong forum.