It no longer sees my hard drive!

Everything worked fine up to just a week ago. Now the WDTVLIVE does not see  my hd which is connect to the usb port. It no longer shows ‘Local Drives’ option at all. What am I doing wrong. I don’t think I changed any settings, but if you think it is a settings problem, please do reply. 

Make a factory reset to the WDTV and format the drive.

I had a similar problem with my Live+ after upgrading the firmware. It did’t see my USB drive and I could not map it from my PC. Here’s what I did:

  1. Attach the USB drive to your computer

  2. Delete the following directories: found.000 and .wd_tv (you might want to just move them to another drive in case they are needed. I don’t know if you need to delete both or just one or if you even have both.

  3. Connect the drive back to your WDLive and restart

After doing this the Live+ could see the drive and I was able to map it to my PC.

Hope this helps. It’s a lot less work than formatting the drive and reloading everything.