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i have cancer, and am currently in a wheelchaiiiiir so forgive my typing. I live in the   IE ifsomeoe can do the job for a fee. my  WD Live Plus shows the devvice as WDTVLIVEPLUS. I disabled my firewall.

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Did you manually give permissions to the folders to be seen? Right-click a folder you want to share> go to security> give read permissions to the exact user called everyone, then the WDTV should see the files.

Yes, and it didn’t work.

What about changing the WORKGROUP name on either the PC or the WDTV to be exactly the same?

After upgrading to the latest firmware I find that I can no longer find a share on my Live+ USB drive when attempting  to access the drive from my PC. I can see the Live+ using the WD Discovery S/W but it can’t map the drive because no share is found. In fact, now that I went back and looked further, it appears the Live+ doesn’t see the USB drive either.

fyi…I managed to get it working by deleting two of the directories on the drive. I suspect only one needs to be removed but I didn’t go back to check. I removed .wd_tv and found.000 after attaching the drive to my PC. I’m not sure just how long it will stay working though.

It’'s either the device name or the fact wdlive dosen’t show on devices. Yes, my adapter is compatible in the WDTV.

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