WDLive no longer recognising usb HDD after it was connected to a PC and then returned to the WDLIVE

I have a 2Tb drive, formatted NTFS, that was working just fine with a WDTV Live as a usb source of media.  I detached the drive from the WDLive and connected it directly to my pc to copy more media to it as its faster than the wireless method.  Now when i attach the HDD to the wdlive it flashes across the top of the screen saying USB drive detected but i cannot select it as a source of media at all.  I’ve factory reset the WD live, its firmware is up to date and i even copied all the data off the drive and formatted it again (deleted the partition too) beore recopying all the media back. No luck.  This has happened to multiple drives over time with this device.  Any ideas?  I thought maybe the pc was writing some signiture to the disk maybe that the WD was conflicting with? (hence the formatting)

I did encounter  the same problem before… but I was able to make the WDTV Live and WDTV Live Hub  read my 3GB WD My Book once again by simpy using the Windows tool of checking and reparing system file(s) on the 3GB hard drive before putting it back to the WDTV LIVE and WDTV LIVEHUB…

Windows offers to check hard drives from time to time when you insert the drive on a Windows PC …

Good luck ! 

I’ll give that a try.

A chkdsk usually solves these issues but you should eject the drive with the button on the remote from now on.