WD Live power on


after turning off wdtv live each night, in the morning it is on. What could be the reason for device to turn itself on ? 

The 2 most likely culprits are:

  • power fluctuations (the line voltage at your house is nominal and does vary) – if the voltage drops below a certain point then comes back up, the WDTV will see that as if it were unplugged and then plugged back in
  • spurious IR spoofing the WDTV into thinking the power button on the remote has been pressed – several users have reported that things like CFL lights have either interfered with the WDTV’s remote or caused the WDTV to think a remote button has been pushed when it hasn’t

The test for the second one would be to cover the front of the WDTV at night, to block the IR receiver… if it doesn’t turn on overnight, then it’d seem likely that IR interference is causing the problem.

The first one is more difficult to measure directly.  But three possible remedies would be to unplug it overnight, connect it to a power bar and shut that off at night, or connect it to an uninterruptible power supply that filters out line variations (i.e. lists itself as being able to compensate for “sag” – not all can/will).

Thank you for  detailed explanation  RoofingGuy !

I have a similar problem. My WD TV Live is plugged in to a surge protecting power bar which I flip off each night to save power. When I flip the power bar back on in the a.m. the WD TV powers up even though I haven’t turned it on. Weird.

Well, that"s not really “similar”… all WD devices boot when power is applied, like most other servers and many PCs.

Oh no! I get a feeling that another one of those no it shouldn’t/yes it should threads are about to be lauched.

For those new to the forum, please go and search back through the threads. Some people think this is the right behaviour, some people don’t.

Regardless, this is what the device does.

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Well, in fairness, parnott, I didn’t say what I thought “should” happen, or what I thought was “right”… I merely pointed out (as you did) that that’s what it _ does _… and that, for what it’s worth, several other similar things behave identically. :wink:

But, I’ll behave… for once. :stuck_out_tongue:

@RoofingGuy - comment was not aimed at you.:wink: But rather just in the general direction this thread was going.:cry: Just trying to point out to new posters that this topic has been hashed over numerous times. And, personally I don’t have any problems with the way it works.