WD TV has a problem to start after turning power off

Hello everybody!

So, it goes like this: I have my new WD TV plugged to power strip with some other devices - TV, amplifier etc. As I do care about power saving (you can call me eco-freak :wink: ) I turn off power strip when leaving home or for night. When I turn it back on, WD TV LED lights up, but TV (connected via HDMI) says “no signal”. So I turn off and on power for WD TV only, and it shows the WD screen (not always), without “loading” text below. After that I see “no signal” again. After another few turn-off/turn-on’s both with remote and power plug, I see “loading” then, “no signal”, then (turn-off/turn-on) “Connecting network” and finally it’s on.

Problem appeared on older software and didn’t disappear after upgrade.

Help anyone? :wink:



This happens to me every once in a while.  I have my WDTV hooked up to my receiver and if I start them up in the wrong order, I will get the ‘no signal’ error.  I learned that if I just let it alone (don’t turn it on and off), the WDTV will restart itself automatically and connect to the network.  Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for reply! 

Unfortunately, mine is not resetting itself: I just turned the power on, waited like 5-10 minutes before turning the TV set on, and nothing changed: tv can’t ge the signal from WDTV :frowning: