I’ve got a WD 1TB MEDIA LIVE HUB, i’ve had it set up for about 1 year now. I bought a 3TB MY BOOK a while back everything was working fine up until a few weeks back, i’m only just getting around to sorting this. When i goto connect to MY BOOK through the WD player as i did before. I goto Files an select content source then media server the name of the book pops up. When i select it now it says there is no DATA on the book. Which is pretty dull as i have over 1.5tb of vids on there. I think it started playing up when there was updates for the MY BOOK. can anyone shed some light on this please? Thanks!

If that a MB Live? Did you refresh the database or change the permissions?

I’ve not changed nothing, on the weekend i installed win 8.1 so there is no MY BOOK LIVE prog on the pc now and the book has not gone into sleep mode but i still cannot pick up the book on the media hub