Unable to access My Book Live from Mac

Hi Guys, hope someone can shed some light on what is becoming very frustrating.

I use my 2TB My Book Live as a NAS for all my media which I stream to a couple of devices around my house. One being the WD TV Live Hub connected via the media library function in the Hub. The other day I had trouble watching a video file (the video kept pausing). The green light had been contiously flashing on the My Book for the last few days so decided I would try reseting the unit from the reset button on the back of the unit.

Now, when I try and view the files from my Mac it takes an age for it to find the public folder, if it finds it at all. I’ve tried to re-mount the drive via Finder > Go to Server and typing in “smb://MyBookLive” (the name of my unit). I am prompted to either enter a registered user name and password or use as a guest. I’ve no idea what the user name and password combination are because they are defianlty not what I’ve set up as the user name in the web UI (I’ve not specified a password to try and narrow this part down). I’ve tried every combination from my user name and password on my Mac, to the user name specified in the web UI and what I believe are the defaults (e.g “admin” and “password”). 

I can access the folders within the Public share when I select “Guest” but am unable to modify the files in any way, which is kinda vital when using a NAS.

This is baffling me as when I first set the unit up, I pretty much used it straight out of the box with no issues.

Can anyone shed some light as to why I am serverly limited to what I can do with my NAS? I’ve checked the User rights from the Web UI and the registered user (which is only me with the user name “stevienet” and a guest user) are both set to full access.

I’m also having problems in setting up the media library on the Live Hub as it tells me the rights are set to Read Only.

Thanks for reading, any help is appreciated!!!


By the way, the firmware appears to up to date:

MyBookLive 02.43.03-022 : Core F/W

Hi stevienet, you should be able to have read and write access to the My Book Live Public when connecting as a Guess, but you can also use admin as the user name and password. 

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