MY BOOK Live issues

Just purchased a 3 TB MY BOOK from Best Buy. I wanted a large drive to hold all of my ripped TV shows to view from my WD TV Live. I had to take it back because it had to be manually powered on. Who wants to get of the couch, go to the HD, and press “power” ever time your getting ready to watch cinema? I have a small Segete HD and it simply plugs in the WD TV Live’s USB port and comes on and goes off with the TV Live, that’s what I want to see. After returning the device I traded it for a “MY BOOK Live” and it also suffers from complications as well. It’s great that the device has an Ethernet port but why WD decided that meant it didn’t need a USB port I’ll never know. Watching the media from my WD TV Live through the Ethernet port works just fine. But what about when you want to load movies onto the drive? It takes a lot longer to transfer a 4 GB + movie over the home network than it does through a USB port. Secondly, it appears to me that the device will have to be manually plugged and unplugged every time you wan to watch a movie/show, otherwise you’ll have let the HD stay on all the time bringing wear and tear to the HD and eating up electricity. WD, please think this stuff through and fix these problems.

Just got my book essentials to be recgnized by XP, Pretty simple just plug in the usb cable and reach behind the my book external hard drive and unplug the power cord. Let it stand for ten seconds then plug the power cord back in. TaDa. it instantly recognized and loaded the software.

I don’t use Window$. And I don’t see how that was relevent to my post.