WD live hub - need help!

Vi USB- device I transferred pictures onto WD harddisk. Took me a long time to find out how to make an folder and get pictures in, but I managed. Very happy until I saw I have now lost all music, that was on the hardisk. I have no idea what happened ???


I’m sorry, you cannot find the music that was hard drive of the WD TV Live Hub or they were located in your external drive and now you cannot find then?

Is your HUB connected to your network?  If it is, you can access your HUB from your PC and see if your music files are actualy gone or if the HUB is just not showing them.

If you can still see your files on the HUBs internal drive from your PC, then on your HUB go to Setup \ System \ Media Library, then select “Clear Media Library”.  Once the library has recompiled, see if you can now see your music files.

Follow up question: Sir is clearing the media library in the “Clear Media Library” section doesn’t literaly clearing “all” its media content? or it only refreshes its content? I am hesitant to use this feature 'coz it might erase my files. Thanks.

No, it doesn’t delete any of the the files, it just clears the cache in the flash memory.  Sort of like clearing the history in your browser.  Once you “Clear” the media library it recompiles everthing.  The library is just were it stores the info about your files and has nothing to do with the actual files.

Sir the thing is i just sync’d an mkv movie into my hub and when i browsed the video / movie folder, the file wasn’t there. So i did a second transfer of the said mkv file and the hub informed me that it was already in there so what i did was literaly did overwrite the file but unfortunately I cannot see that (mkv) file. This leads me to the question of “clearing its media library” will eventually show up mkv missing file? Thanks again Sir.

No need for the Sir.  But thanks.  Yes, once the media library recompiles the file should show up, as I said, all “Clearing the Media Library” does is to clear the cache info.  It does not affect any of the files on the HUBs internal drive, if it was there before, it will be there after. 

So let me explain it to you like this:

The Media Library doesn’t have anything really to do with your files, rather it is a database containing information about your files, sort of like notes about your files.  This is what the HUB reads when you Media Library is on, this makes it easier and faster for the HUB to display your files, instead of it having to look at each file, it just looks at the database which contains information about all your files.

So, when you add a new file, sometimes the info about that file doesn’t get added to the database or gets added in way that the HUB can’t read it correclty.  So when that happens, it doesn’t get displayed because the HUB is looking for it in the database, not looking at the actual file itself.

When you “Clear the Media Library” all that you are doing is deleting the database which contains info about your files, then allowing the HUB to look at every file on your drive and create a new database from that.

I hope that clears things up for you some.

jed_z1030 wrote:

Sir the thing is i just sync’d an mkv movie into my hub and when i browsed the video / movie folder, the file wasn’t there.

Sync would not put your files in that folder. It will place them in a subfolder of the network_sync folder on the Hub with a name that matches whatever the synced folder on your PC is.