Music folder gone

Hi i have a problem. Ive just heard some on my wd live hub and whwn i wanted to hear another number it just keept searching with that orange vircle with an arrow on it. And after that it just said no files in that folder. And that alsoo goes for movie an fotos folder. I tryied to change from all storeage to internal. But nothing. Then i just formattet the harddrive but stil nothing. The music in on the wd livr tv hum on my computer but just not on the box in my living room.

Anyone knows whats wrong

While you are have the storage select where you have you media, select Setup, System, Media Library, then select Clear Media LIbrary.  Allow it to recompile and you should see your files. 

If you formated your internal drive on the HUB and that is where you had your files, then they are deleted because formating deletes everything off the drive.  You will have to reload all your files.