Files not seen locally after copy them from network

Hi all,

Sorry if my english is not that good, but i am from Holland and try to explain the problem that i’ve experience with my WD TV live HUB.

A week ago i bought one and install it into my network (that is connected via a switch; swith connected to router). All went fine, i have got the IP address and via my own laptop i have created a mapping for the WD.

In default i can see three folders: music, photos,video. Here it comes: I can drag via explorer music to the music folder. I can see it’s there. But if i am going to search on my WD, he says: “there is no media in the current folder” . Well there is, as i can see via my explorer on my laptop. So in summary: i have copy data to my WD, but if i select  local storage - internal local storage, he come up with this. I don’t understand a bit of it. I hope you guys can help me out.




USUALLY when you copy files over to the Hub, the hub will automatically re-compile the Media Library.

But for some reason, it doesn’t always happen, and you’ll need to re-compile it manually to make new files show up.

The simplest way to do this is to just RESTART the Hub via one of two ways:

Hold the remote power button down for more than 3 seconds to force a hard shutdown.   Then just turn it back on.

Or, navigate into the SETUP menus, and under one of either SYSTEM or OPERATION, there’s “DEVICE RESTART.”  Selecting that will also completely reboot the hub.

I tried to copy a folder with music to the hub via explorer. this went fine.

After that i have rebooted the HUB and say the image of compiling.

But unfortunately no items are shown in the music folder (also on the home screen, no new items are displayed. Stays to 0).

Any more tips, which can help?



Exactly WHAT is the PATH that you are copying to?

It should look something like this:


yes you are right.

I have reset the media library option… Now he is compiling and the files are visable locally as they should be.

I am just waint for compiling to finish and see what happends… I’ll keep this posted.