WD Live Duo 6tb


Hi All, Hope you can help me - Having just received delivery of my new WD Duo I couldn’t wait to get it all set and transfer all my movies across. The problem  is having plugged everything in, I’ve now been patiently sat for 2 hours and a reboot later waiting for the Yellow light to turn green… I’ve followed the instructions and even tried to log into to the http://mybooklive portal but I just receive a Internet Explorer cannot find error…   Any suggestions? Thanks

Yellow LED generally indicates that the network is not connected correctly, if the LED is flashing.   Is it flashing or solid?

Have you verified that the network cable is correctly installed?

The LED is solid yellow, I also have replugged the network cable a numebr of times, the network port at the back is Solid green on the bottom light and flashing on the top as i assume it should be?