Yet another issue with a 2TB My Book Live

Drive is about two months old.  

I plug it in and the light is blue.  After a short wait, it goes yellow and stays yellow.  The drive sounds like it is spinning, but doesn’t necessarily sound healthy.  The network connection shows a lot of blinking lights which indicates something knows it is connected, but my computer is incapable of connecting to it.  It was working fine about a week ago.

I tried the reset button, but that has no effect.  

Any help is appreciated.  

For a short time I managed to actually have a red light, instead of yellow.  While it was change, it was not progress.  I am back to yellow.  I tried changing ethernet cables, routers, etc.  I even changed the plug I was getting power from as I saw that suggestion from a previous post.  All signs seem to suggest it has to be sent back.  Is that the consensus?


I think you will need to replace

but lets see if other users chime in with ideas