My Book Live Duo - Yellow light only - no green light. Help please!

Hello, I bought the My Book Live Duo 4TB and cant install. After connecting the router and power, the blue light turn on and then a yellow light. The green light doesnt appear. What I need to do? Thanks!


As a recommendation, try resetting the drive to see if the unit can load completely.

Hello, I’ve tried to reset, but nothing change …

You have to wait a few minutes for the unit to completely boot up.  When its ready, then it’ll turn green

I have the exact same issue.

Fortunately it’s within the warranty period, so WD, look out for my WD My Book Live Duo, it’s flying your way!

Jeez - what’s the point in trying to use some RAID environment for your data, when they suddenly upgrade the firmware and everything is bricked?

I wonder if any of the competitive products have a better track record…