Solid Yellow Light Recovery?

I have a 2TBx2 Live Duo. Light is staying solid after a black out.
I have contacted support already but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Can I take drive B out, factory restore with drive A, put drive B back in and rebuild the RAID?

Otherwise, what are my options?


Hi Diggidy,

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How about providing a solution for the PUBLIC? I have the same issue. After the MyBookLiveDUO unit lost power, the LED now goes to YELLOW and never changes. Please advise.

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There was no solution. My LiveDuo fried along with one of the drives.

I now have the same problem. After power outage today my MyBookLiveDuo powers up with blue light, then solid yellow. Reset (paperclip) doesn’t work. Tried pulling all plugs, waiting for an hour, but no luck. Tried leaving it powered up (with solid yellow) but no luck.

Fortunately drives are mirrored.

Could you recommend next step please.

Mine fried, one of the drives and the unit itself.

So, if I assume ONE of the drives is fried, any idea how to recover data from the other? I assume the MyBookLiveDuo unit is blown too???

It would be nice to think I could just plug in a usb lead but I’m sure it’s not that simple!

Whatever you do dont have windows convert the disk. I made this mistake on the good drive assuming the other drive was ok but it turned out to be fried and I had to take the good drive to a local computer shop to recover the data.

I’m really not sure what to recommend other then taking it somewhere. If the data is important you dont want to mess around with it.

Same situation here. Another forum post

says to replace the enclosure. I did that and it did not work. How about a solution WD?

Thomas in support said that cross product enclosure swaps won’t work. So, if anyone has a legacy product they are out of luck if the enclosure fails.

My drive LED light stay solid yellow!! So, my photos are all gone now if therei s not replacement of the enclsure??? Man that ■■■■■… Any recommandation? What is the best cloud drive out there beside WD?? I don’t want to see this problem again…

It turns out one of my disks is bad; replaced with a good disk and it’s good now.