My Book Stuck on Yellow Light

Hi Yesterday my book live stopped working for no reason…

It just stays stuck with the yellow light and makes a sound like if trying to read something, but doesn’t got to standby mode (green light). Therefore, I can’t access it in anyway to try to configure it… I tried holding down the reset button with no results.

I got a RMA that should be on its way, I would like to get my files back, how can this be done?


To get the files back you’ll need to open the case and connect the internal drive to a computer that reads the EXT3 file system, that voids the warranty so I don’t think you’ll be able to both replace it and get the data unless it’s done by a recovery company known by WD. If I were you I’d call them (WD) and get more info related to how to get an authorization for that if you wish to replace the drive afterwards.