WD Internal HDD is very noisy

Hi All,

I bought a new WD-HDD about 3 weeks back and it is very noisy off late, I have installed Windows 7 and downloaded the “Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows” yesterday and ran both the diagnostic tests (Quick & Extensive) and both tests are “PASS”. However the noise is still present, May I request you to help me in resolving this issue?

Please let me know if it is the HDD issue or is it no issue at all.

Thanks in Advance!


I guess it depends on what your definition of “noisy” is?  What are you hearing?  If you have constant disk activity, something is accessing your disk.      

Thanks… I am not sure how to explain this noise, it is kind of a loud ‘Click’ noise and I hear this noise after every ~10 - 15 secs, no matter whether I am accessing the system or not. I have anti-virus software installed and may be that this software is accessing everytime whether I am doing something or not, however I am surprised because this never use to happen with my Seagate HDD.

I am worried as I am using WD HDD for the first time and was informed by my friends that this HDD is better than any HDD available but this noise is keeping me worried.

Thanks & Regards

yup that click is not good

return the drive

First of all take a complete back up of all your data.

Then try connecting the hard disk on some other computer and check if its still making a noise.

If thats the case please get it replaced.