A soft Click noise comes from my new WD HD when i Shut Down/Sleep my PC

Sometimes a Soft Click noise Comes from my Newly Purchased WD Hard drive when i shutdown/Sleep or turn off my PC by Pressing Power Button. is This Sound Normal or my HD is Failing?? Should i worry About it?? Should i claim my HD Warranty?? :dizzy_face:

Hi well that would depend. For example if your PC is on the floor under your desk no you should not hear the drive. If you have your ear pressed right up to the drive or are using a stethoscope to listen to it yes you may hear a soft sound when the heads of the drive park. But if it passes the WD data lifeguard program test the drive is fine. You can get WD DLG here.  http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=613&lang=en

WD DLG passeses the drive so it means the drive is fine. Ri8?? 
And why this Sound not Comes From Seagate Laptop Drives ?? is Their Head Won’t Park in Secure Park or they Don’t use Secure park Like Thing?? :confounded:

yeah in that situation it may use the platters to park on specific location

normaly all hard drives click when moving out of the platters :slight_smile:

if during normal use you dont hear anything and the computer behaves fine i wouldnt be worried…