WD Blue 1TB making noise

So this just happened in the past week, or I just noticed recently. But every time my Hard Drive is in heavy use, such as loading a file, using some SDK or scanning for errors, the spinning of the disk sounds quite loud.

It doesn’t sound like a click, but more like a fan hitting a wire but less loud. Kinda like the other issue but instead of idling, it happens when it’s in use.

It gets quite obvious when I’m scanning the drive.

I’d say try using a utility like PassMark to read the S.M.A.R.T. data off the drive to see whether it’s experiencing recurring errors. If so, back up your data ASAP and if it’s still under warranty, erase and then RMA it to the manufacturer; otherwise just replace it.

IT says there’s not error. Would the sound be normal? It’s not like hard drives don’t make ticking sounds. IT’s just this one sounds a lot faster.