WD Blue 6TB Loud

I have just bought a new drive WD Blue 6TB to replace a WD RED 6TB as that was very loud. I was told the blue would be much quiter but its still considerably loud and irritating as my case is quite silent.

Does it run at 5400RPM or do the larger capacity ones run 7200? I cant even return it as its past 30 days.

Is there any software i can use to turn it off when not in use as i only use it for storage but need access to it quick so using it as internal. OS: Win 10.

Hi ytd,

In current scenario, some noise will occur during normal drive operation. The type and volume of noise is dependent on whether the is drive performing a read/write operation or idle with the heads parked. You should recognize which noises indicate trouble or normal drive operation and can refer below article for more information about it.


It sounds like the drive spinning even though i’m not even accessing it. Compared to my 1TB Blue its unbearable. May have to get another internal drive. Is there no way to put it into auto sleep mode like external drives?