WD Blue 2TB making scratching /grinding noise

I recently bought a new PC from a retailer with a Western Digital Blue WD20EZBX 2TB 7200rpm 256MB SATA3 3,5" HDD, and it is making a rather audible grinding noise during use.

Here’s a video of it.

I hear these HDDs can make some noise during use, but this grinding noise sounds really worrying, not to mention annoying. I don’t suppose this is normal? Should I return this drive? What are the chances a replacement drive will make the same noises?

I never before heard such grinding noises from a HDD. (also this is my first WD drive)

Metal on Metal grinding is not what I would expect to hear… Most drives do make “chuck” noises when the read / write heads move to read data from drive. Most are really quiet, clicking or chuckling type of noises. Constant grinding may not be the drive, could be fan that is poorly installed, or has something hitting the blades.


Not really sure, the PC was put together by the retailer, and I haven’t seen anything colliding with any of the fans on the CPU cooler or the GPU. The grinding noise definitely comes from around the HDD, but no idea what is making it.

better replace Drive if still in warranty its a sign of mechanical failure inside, backup your data then replace its best.

Yeah I’m gonna get it replaced. Tried disconnecting just the data cable, but it was still grinding. After disconnecting it entirely, there was no grinding sound coming from the PC at all. So the HDD is definitely faulty.

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Thanks for all response in advance.