Strange Screeching sound on Power Off

I just installed a new 6TB WD Blue 3.5-inch desktop HDD, and it’s making more noise on boot/shutdown than I expected. The boot up noise just sounds like platters spinning up, but is much louder than the 2TB drive I already had installed. What’s worrying me, though, is that the noise on shutdown doesn’t really sound like the “hard clicks” described in the support article.

I took a video of the noise, and was hoping that someone could take a quick listen and let me know if it sounds unusual compared to their drive.

The Dashboard software’s extended test returned no errors, but I bought this drive to be a backup drive, so if the noise is unusual then I may as well send it back now and get a new one sent out before wasting my time filling it up.


The abnormal drive sounds include:

  • Grinding or Beeping sounds
  • Vibration sounds due to either vibration in the mounting hardware or in rare cases, a drive failure
  • Clicking or clunking sounds that occur repeatedly

Also, as the drive passes the diagnostic test, I would suggest you to check the drive by connecting it with a different known cable on a different known computer.