My Book Duo 12TB making metallic sounding noises

I’ve had my hard drive for the past week and it has worked great. I’ve noticed however that it sometimes makes a noise. It’s kinda hard to describe exactly but it sounds like a metallic sound, like metal is touching the spinning disc? I’m not sure, I know it isn’t the sound of the drive just spinning like it normally does. Maybe this is the sound these hard drives make, I’ve just never heard this sound before

I’ve run several drive tests on it and they all come back saying the drive is healthy and that there aren’t any problems. I just want to make sure since it was $450 for the drive and I don’t want it to go out on me this fast.

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See if the following link helps to identify the sound coming out of the drive.
How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal

It’s definitely not the fan or cable, it sounds like it is the actual inside of the drives themselves.