WD Black 2 TB Worrying sound

hey there,
Had a 2 tb WD drive for about 2 weeks now, very very new and only about 200 gb of storage used.
noticed some clicking/static sounding noises and went to facebook/reddit for abit of advice. pointed towards the Lifeguard tool to do some scanning.
although the drive is 100% okay, the sounds it makes are worrying to say the least, and i am assuming that the drive will not be 100% okay for much longer…
when i am making the scans, the sounds are even louder and more worrying.
took it back to the place where they bought it from, and they wouldnt look at the video linked below, told me it was fine (after seeing that it was okay internally) and said they would send it to western digital for them to decide whether to get a replacement (its still under warranty obviously), so its been sent away for a few days now but i am still unsure of whether i should have gotten a replacement on the spot, or it was correct protocol for them to send it away…
here is the video which the store wouldnt even look at (trying to get out of replacing it obviously)

cheers! any advice/confirmation would be great.
Edit obviously the drive was properly secured to my case and has little rubber grommets to cancel sound even more, also i am 100% certain it is the drive (no sound audible when unplugging the drive and rebooting pc)

Hi JoshFromNZ, That disk is not working properly. I’ve never had any problems with WD HDD, so I don’t know how the RMA works. In my opinion, they should give you a new one.

Good luck!

thanks mate, ill be sure to let you guys know on what happens… ill be very disapointed if the drive is not replaced