WD Caviar Blue 500Gb clicking sound


I’ve defragmented my hdd the other days and after I’ve noticed a faint continuous clicking sound ( like clic - clic - clic ) when it was idle. After a while it went away. When I did a hdd benchmarking test the clicking reappeared and again after a while it stopped. 

It’s not a loud clicking noise, it’s the same as the normal hdd sound but it’s regular and you can hear it even when you’re in BIOS. The reason I am asking is because I’ve read about the ‘click of death’ and I don’t know exactly if this is my case. 

I’ve done some disk checking tests and all came out ok.

Anyone else had this issue ?


I would backup any important files first and then do a test with DLG, follow the link below.


I did that test also, came out fine. Also, I’ve noticed that this pattern comes up only if I benchmark stress the last partition on the hdd.