WD home cloud - after app update device offline

Hey WD,
since I did Mycloud app ver 4.9.0 update ( 27.6.2020) my device is offline.
i contact live chat support and they told me to wait 24 hours.
here are the steps i did without success to fix it :

  1. restarted the device several times
  2. router restarted several times
  3. replaced the LAN cable to a new one
  4. changed port in routed
  5. uninstall and install again the WD discovery
  6. did soft reset ( pressing the button behind the device 24 seconds)
  7. connected to my router and i don’t see the device is connected , seems like he doesn’t getting IP.
    the green link behind is on.
    the white led is slowly breathing.
    all my life data is there and from my reading it seems like there is not solution from WD.
    i have read all the article and nothing helpful.
    somebody from WD can replay \ help ?
    i feel hopeless :persevere:



You are not alone obviously, see: https://community.wd.com/t/my-cloud-home-showing-as-offline/253210/4

Its really heart breaking to see that the company we bestow our trust by putting in all our data on, has not replied to any of our grievances. They should look into the matter, and face the issue on war footing. Its not just us who are frustrated, they are creating a reputation which will affect their business and wipe out their bottom line profits in the coming future. They need to understand, if we, their customers, are not there, then their existence is just a matter of time.

Therefore, it is suggested to WD to get into action and to begin with, let us all know that they are working on it and get on with it. Simple as that. In the meantime, we should just disconnect our devices and put it aside in order to safeguard the data and wait for the update to come.


I agree with busterbagster. When i updated my iOS app to 4.9.0 my device my cloud home became online. Ive informed the contact centre, but they just are not inclined. They suggested to reboot with 30 to 50 second reset which surely didnt work.

Its time we need to bombard their help line in order for WD to get in action

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Hi there,
i had called up the customer service of WD and they said that there is no issue with any update otherwise we would be getting a high volume of calls.

Plus, he said, that we have moderators of WD Community who would be updating WD about the issues faced by the members of the community.

I believe that the moderators are not doing their job. Also we are not bombarding WD helpline to the extent that we all should. They expect a lot of calls.

Therefore all please start complaining by calling, sending emails. Itll help in getting the issue resolved faster.



Do you know what’s your latest firmware version?

Hi AustinForest

My device has been offline since 19 June and I can’t find the version of the firmware.
Is there a way to find out?

I guess not with the device offline. Unless you remember the last version you saw…
I was asking because the other report of device being offline happened around when the next version was to be expected based on recent updates schedule (and the iOS app was updated then) + one user reported having been updated to 7.9.0.

My WD Home Cloud is also Offline since Mid-June. Tried to reset, restart several times with no success. It’s really ridiculous about this.

Previous version 4.9 and even with 4.10 version, device keeps offline.

I’ve reported a case to WD.



Looks like a lot of people have the same problem with that our device is stuck in some kind of offline state. I have tried to restart many times but I have not done reset because I don’t want to lose the data I have saved there.
The only way to get the data out of the device is to contact another company to make them do that according to the link that Jonty.S posted here. My Cloud Home Showing as “Offline” . Have any of you followed this?

For info, my device was bought I April this year.

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I’m facing the same issue

Hi all,
One of my friend has suggested that we can ask for the replacement My Cloud Home to be sent out to us in advance, prior to sending the defected one to WD.
Once we get the replacement, have the hard disks swapped in order to have the data safe and have it operational. But he is suggesting that if its due to the firmware, then in that case the hard disk needs to be updated once out of the wd my cloud home box manually and then swapped.
Regarding the update of iOS to 4.10, its only associated to the iOS products but we have issue with accessing the my cloud home from all devices, even through the website.
Guys need the feedback and then collectively move forward.

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any moderator or someone from WD here on the community?

Please reply and update your company that we all here are facing the my cloud home device being offline issue. when ever we call the support team, they reject the possibility of firmware issue by saying that not many people have this issue otherwise a lot of complaints would be pouring in.

They should come here and see for themselves.

Will WD get a bit serious about their product and help us out. we are in this issue due to the software (firmware and app) update.

moderator please reply. this is really frustrating.

Guys spread the word to get ourself heard

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WD Community,

@Jonas75 @lhsinkoc @Badarpatel @rafaelfpabreu @busterbagster
Please send me a private message with your support case numbers, MAC Address or email address used for MyCloud.com and I will have someone check the issue.



Hi SBrown ,
the support told me to go to the store i bought the device from and to replace it.
But the big problem is i should restore my DATA , many of GB’s of Pictures and documents inside there.



Support case: 200719-001410
Mac: 78:96:82:42:d9:d4

I’m afraid in my case as I was following the support and I detached my device.

It keeps not working after several resets.

Let me know
Thank you.
Luiz Henrique Sinkoç

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Hi guys. Same issue here. Can’t see it in my network but found out that by connecting the WD My Cloud directly to my computer using a standard network cable I can have access to it. Maybe it will help some of you in the mean time WD finds a solution.