Mycloud app ver 4.9.0 Make Mycloud home device offline

Hey WD,
Ever since I did Mycloud app ver 4.9.0 update on 19 Jun 20. Mycloud home device went offline!
Now tell me when u will be the next update for this bug be fix?

This iOS update has killed my wd mycloud home device as well.

There is no support from WD.

All they are saying is that i need to hard reset the device and lose my data.

The white light is solid on the device and it doesnt breath either even when i disconnect the power and put it back in.
Other interesting thing is that when i remove the ethernet cable and switch the power off and back on again without the ethernet cable, the white light on my cloud home should blink (or breath) but it doesnt. As soon the device is switched on, it becomes solid and stays that way. The network connection is broken thats why we cant access the my cloud home device. This is what what WD needs to get fixed and prior to that they need to stop advising their customers to reset the device and lose data.

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