WD HD TV Gen1 and DTS

whats with this thing about no DTS in gen1 WD HD player??

I’ve read that it is been disabled maybe due to license issues, but Gen2 and Live models have it working just fine…

I feel ripped of ,and too many people are complaining about this. Others are looking for custom made firmware to enable it. Others try to enforce the Gen2 firmware, into the gen1 player.

Personally, if I can’t find a solution to this,Im  gonna take it back and ask for a refund and stay away from WD.

The thing is that, it is DOable. But WD wants to sell more of their newest and more expensive products.

Is there ANY kind of solution to this mess?

Thank you, and sorry for the tone, but I am really upset by all this.

im with you 100%, i just dont know if the place i actually bought it from will return it now that ive had it for just over a month. can anyone shed some light on this issue?

I don’t know where you read that it’s “DOable”, but it’s not. The Gen 1 lacks the hardware to process DTS, and it was never advertised as being DTS capable. This has been the case all along, so I don’t understand how you can feel ripped off by something that was never promised in the first place. It simply isn’t possible with the chipset in the Gen 1 WDTV HD unit, and no amount of custom firmware or Gen 2 firmware hacking will change that. If anyone told you that it was possible and that WD was just trying to get more money out of you, they were lying or just talking out of their [butt].

Anyway, you should pity the Gen 2 users. I had one, and like many others, I had major audio sync issues with the latest firmware update (six months ago). I’d much rather have the Gen 1’s lack of DTS than the Gen 2’s lack of synced-up audio! (which is why I traded down)

I traded up after having some major problems with the remote accepting too much IR interference from the TV…and since the Gen2 can’t sync audio and video on about half of my movies (mkv,avi,mp4), I think my next move is to trade out. Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side :wink:

Hello there from New Zealand.

Yes there is a solution.

I assume that if you want DTS, then you have an amplifier which is either 5.1,  6.1 or more capable.

If your amplifier has a DTS decoder, then all you need to do is hook up the amp to your WD TV via the optical output - if your amp doesn’t have opitcal, maybe it has an HDMI system(then you obviously feed the HDMI on from the amp to your projector or TV), or coax. If the amp has coaxial input only, then you can get an opitcal to coax converter for around 15-20  pounds.

So, the DTS is not decoded within the WD TV, rather within your amplifier - for me, that is much better anyway: the DTS deocder wityhin my amp is extrmely high quality. Here’s hoping the same is for you!

Anyway I hope my rambling exp,anation has helped - if not, feel free to send me a message. Personally I’m very glad I have the gen1 version, as I hear the gen2 units have all sorts of issues.

All the best,

Simon in New Zealand


unfortunatily you will have to download mkvtoolnix and popcornhour audioconverter afterwards you 'll have to add a new AC3 file which is recognised by wd tv hd mediaplayer ! in the popcornhour audioconverter there is a pdf help which explain you how to do !

I try and I am satisfied the result is good !it take a little time but you must choose !

respectfully yours !

Thank you all for your replies.

The matter in question is that you can DO your job without any extra hardware. I know that some amplifiers have DTS decoders, mostly if they have an optical input, But since the setup im using has not, it is a problem. and to be forced to spend extra for seperate hardware due to lack of DTS decoding on the WDTV module, is unacceptable.

I was converting DTS to AC3 for some time, then i simply got tired and returned the module for a refund, and bought a NON WD media player which i have to say, till now, left me with only good impressions.

Well, sad story really. But nevermind…all is well.