WDTV DTS Codec problem


Does any one know the soulution how to play MKV files with DTS sound codec in the audio container? or any idea when WD is planning to resolve this problem? All my HD movies with DTS codec are soundless on WDTV

I had the same problem, I have to convert the audio from DTS to AC3, find the best program that suits you.

Here is a link to freeware that does a good job and does not take too long. I have the same problem and it is a solution until a firmware upgrade which is hopefully possible and “in the works”.


DTS Now work’s on Gen 2 WD TV’s. 

It does however sample all the channels down to stereo.

On the Gen 1 WD TV you need a DTS decoder.

I have a Pioneer Amp which is capable of DTS decoding ? shall i go forward & buy WD HD TV ?

I have WD HD TV Gen 2 and dts DOES NOT WORK , and I’m very angry about that.

Strange, it should work.

Are you sure that you have Gen.2 WDTV?
Is it model WDBABF0000NBK or WDAVN00B/WDAVP00B ?

Hello there, thank’s for the link to the DTS converter program! It is not perfect, since the DTS sound format is superior to the Dolby Digital sound system, but hey! at least i can get sound! which is nice and a real relief! since almost all HD .mkv files comes with DTS sound… anyway i keep also the DTS chanel on file, so if in the future (hope near future!) the WD team fix this bug, i can enjoy with DTS sound!

         thank’s for sharing my Friend!

Let’s hope the WD team is working on this problem which still exist on WDTV 1st generation…  thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Response to user hector 19.

YES! Go ahead buy WD TV Box, just be aware to buy the 2nd generation! the 1st generation is not able to play DTS sound system format files… It is a great box though! The 2nd generation is even better!

 I fully advice you to buy it, if you not already did it! Is one of the best on market! Reliable, great quality! :slight_smile:


              regards from Athens- Greece ! ! !

Nope mate

Even with a DTS decoder & a DTS Amp WD 1st Gen PHAILS to even pass through the Signal via S/PDIF :frowning:

oh my god can somebody who ACTUALLY --OWNS-- a 2nd gen WD TV HD sit down and try loading MKV with DTS only sound and test if WD TV HD can downmix DTS into stereo and send it through HDMI… P L E A S E

a simple setup

DTS only MKV ---- via HDMI ---- stereo TV

in menu make sure you have setting AUDIO OUTPUT switched to “STEREO” so the 2nd gen WD TV HD --should-- downmix DTS to 2.0 and send it through HDMI

there is 2700 views of this forum thread and the 8 actual answers are conflicting each other with 2 guys saying its possible and 1 guy saying he owns 2nd gen and it doesnt work…

common lets solve this think… anybody who owns 2nd gen WD TV HD

2nd gen product numbers are this:


1st gen product numbers are this:

Europe : WDAVP00BE (PAL)
Multi-City Asia : WDAVP00BS (PAL)

thanks on behalf of whole inet community trying to solve this DTS mystery



MKV with DTS via HDMI 1.3 cable - working without any problem.


see previous post by mihof33, thanks