Audio troubles: voices too quiet

Hi everyone,

I have a gen 2 WD TV. I have played various .MKV files on the WD TV; some with AC3 audio and some with DTS codec. I have noticed that with some of the files, the voices are far too quiet and the background noises (exposions etc.) overshadow the voices making them very hard to hear. I’ve played around with the TV audio settings with no success. The files in question play absolutely fine on the PC with the voices crystal clear, but as soon as I put them on the WD TV and play them through the TV its a struggle to hear the voices properly.

I’ve noticed that the majority of these problem files have AC3 audio, where the files with DTS have perfect audio. I am not using a surround sound system, just 1x HDMI cable from the WD TV straight to my HDTV.

Any ideas/suggestions? Not any audio settings on the WD TV that I can experiment with either! :frowning:


i bought recently WDTV HD media player recently and it plays most of the video files. However i am having an issues with .mkv files. Video quality is very good but no audio. I have tried all the way but no improvement.

But it works perfectly from my PC and don’t know what 's wrong with WD TV. Pls help us.

Also I m having an issues for playing .flv files.

Any one know how to play this file using WD TV ?

Appreciate your help.

Firstly, thanks for spamming my thread! Secondly, it sounds like your WD TV is a gen 1 and will not play files with a DTS codec. Either use your optical out from the WD TV and plug it into a receiver than can handle DTS, or convert the audio on your .MKV files from DTS to AC3. Theres tonnes of threads about this on here mate…

I to have noticed this with a few files. (That the voices are very low and surrounding sounds are loud) Most of the time its just a poorly encoded rip. But, also go into your tv settings and lower your treble, as this will make the voices louder and cut out background noise. : )

Thanks for the reply! Yeah it is quite random in that some files are fine and others aren’t (even when both have AC3 or DTS codec!) I guess for now I will just put it down to a poor rip but if anyone has any alternative suggestions, I’m all ears!