WDTV Sound Issue Gen 2


I am currently on the latest firmware.  I cant help but to notice that all my blue ray rips (mkv files) the voices are always to low!  And then when somthing loud happens its very loud!

The voices almost sound like there echoing in the background…

Most of my .mkv rips contain DTS or AC3…

Anyway it seems like we could really need a firmware update that normalizes volume levels… 


At last! Someone else who’s experiencing the same problem?!

You’re lucky you get any sound at all! In my experience the WD TV HD 2nd Gen latest firmware can’t handle Blu-ray rips with DTS sound?! Well it can, but it is so intermitent that it makes the movie unwatchable.

Really, WD really need to up their game. There are many more alternative Media Players coming onto the market that have far superior software (firmware). From what I can see, it looks like WD have just given up on this product in the hope that innocent customers will just be suckered into buying an inferior product. And if we take their specifications literally (the ones they use to sell the product) then this player should play faultlessly M2TS, which if you don’t include the sound, it doesn’t! False advertising, unfair marketing? WD need to sell the product for what it actually does, not what it would do if they could be bothered to fix their inferior firmware and lazy (at the moment, non-existent) updates.


My unit is working beautifully except with the sound levels…

Picture looks great from my blu-ray rips and device has yet to skip out/stutter on me.


This is what we need incorporated into are next firmware release…