Firmware Release 1.01.77 • M2TS Sound Issues

Hello WD Community, thank you for reading my enquiry.

I am generally happy with my purchase of the WD TV HD (version 2) and have been quite impressed with how well it has played every mkv file I have used, generally without problem.

However, I have just (today) updated the firmware to the latest release 1.01.77 and have noticed some glitches that I didn’t really notice in the original firmware version (that was present at the time of purchase). I am really happy to see that WD have resolved the issue of no audio at all if the audio was “digital” (they appear to have allowed it to convert to AC3 for regular stereo playback). However since using this new feature of the update I have noticed that the sound when playing a backup (Blu-ray backup, I own the fully paid for original) of an M2TS file, the converted AC3 sound is extremely unstable and intermintent, sometimes cutting out completely?!

As I said, I do appreciate the fix, but really, is it a fix if the sound makes the video so unwatchable? I think I prefered listening to it in silence?! I guess my question is, does anyone else experience the same problem? If anyone from WD could clarify I would be very grateful. I haven’t really had the chance to experiment with other Blu-ray rips yet (again, I own the fully paid for originals!), but I do think WD need to consider perhaps another improved firmware release.

Thanks for responding :wink: