WD Live Plus - m2ts FRUSTRATION

Accessing m2ts files from my PC, 97% of the time results in an error saying “File format not supported” or there is no audio. If I plug my backup (WD My Book Essential)  into the usb port on wdltv, other than an initial several second lag where video is still but the audio works, I have no problem.  This is very annoying and frustrating since I want the backup drive connected tot eh pc to actually back up.  I don t want to have to move it around whenever I want to see video. 

Any suggestions?  I ve have the latest firmware and have had this problem since I got the device.

Hey there,

can’t  offer any solutions but I can confirm that this has happened with me as well!

Had some m2ts files that did play…then for some reason the unit stopped being able to play  them saying “file format not supported”??? Odd thing is a few days later…the unit started to play them again???

I have no idea why this is happening! My file are on a NAS…not sure if a power recycle due to power outage may have helped? *shrug*

Running Firmware 1.04.10 /  NAS  D-Link DNS-323