Videos with DTS-sound: No sound. Best way to play them?


what do you use to play videos with DTS-sound?

I have my WD HD Media Player (Gen 1) connected to the TV via HDMI and obviously don’t get audio.

Guess I’ll have to play the sound via Optical Audio output on the back of the player.

But i am missing a fancy sourround system or amp with said connector type.

Is the “Gen 2” of the WD HD MediaPlayer able play DTS through HDMI ?

Would a firmware upgrade help?

Where can i download the latest firmware version.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this, hopefully you can help!



Firmware won’t help.  The Gen1 isn’t licenced to downmix DTS to stereo.

I simply don’t try to play DTS audio with it.  When I rip my discs, I make the AC3 5.1 track the main audio, and just include the DTS track as an option, in case I ever improve my sound system.

Yes, if you have something (genrally an amp/receiver) that you can plug the Optical/TOSLINK cable into, then you’d get DTS 5.1 passthrough.

But, I’d thought it would also passthrough DTS over HDMI – just not downmix it to stereo.   Are you sure your audio settings are set to “Digital” and not “Stereo”?   Because I was under the impression that the way you were trying should work.

Yes, the Gen2 (and the Live, Live Plus and Live Hub) are all licenced to downmix DTS to stereo, so buying one of those would be one solution.

If I’m mistaken, and Digital HDMI doesn’t support DTS passthrough (although it _ should _), your other option, aside from purchasing a different device, would be to not rip the DTS track when you’re making your encodes.  The DTS track is optional, but the DVD must also contain other audio streams – and all those mandatory tracks are playable on the Gen1.

It’s also possible to convert the DTS audio in your files into AC3, which will work on your Gen1.  Which program you’d need to do it depends on what file format your files are in – it’s usually pretty easy with .mkv… other filetypes tend to involve a bit more messing about to convert the audio.

Thank you for the valuable information, RoofingGuy! :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to chance the audio settings of my Gen1 from “Stereo” to “Digital”.

But unfortunately that didn’t help with the missing DTS-sound via HDMI.

Not a problem though, just ordered the “HD TV Live” version on Amazon.

Just one more question:

Where can I find the firmware updates for my current “Gen 1 HD TV” and the soon to be delivered “HD TV Live” ?

I want to have both of them up-to-date.

Please let me know, thank you! :slight_smile:

The last version of the Firmware for your Gen1 can be found here:

The current version for your Live (when it shows up) is here:

Again, thanks a lot RoofingGuy!

:robotvery-happy: :robotvery-happy: :robotvery-happy: Cheers!!! :robotvery-happy: :robotvery-happy: :robotvery-happy:

P.S.: The new HD Live Player arrived yesterday, now everything plays fine. Also the navigation is a lot faster compared to the Gen 1. Awesome!