Need DTS support for gen 1 Media Player

I bought my Media Player less than 2 months ago and just found out that it doesn’t have DTS support (some other models seem to have DTS support in 2 channels).  Since DTS is fairly popular I thought it would have DTS support right out of the box.  Hoping that support for DTS (5.1 would be great, 2 channel would do for now) will be made available in a future update to solve this problem.  Anyone else onboard with this?

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Hi, im new here and i have the WD TV Box since release…

Realy Great Box, but i need DTS support, too…  to many new Bluray Movies with DTS 5.1  and i dont hear any sound… :frowning: thats not cool.

Pls make an Firmware with DTS 5.1 or 2.1 Support, thanks!!!

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im new owner and i have the WD TV Box since  christmas

Realy Great Box, but i need DTS support, too…  to many new Bluray Movies with DTS 5.1  and i dont hear any sound…  thats not cool.

Pls make an Firmware with DTS 5.1 or 2.1 Support, thanks!!!

great product

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Hi, i have my WD Tv Box since 2008, great Media Player, fully satisfied!.. except of course as many other users mentioned before me, the DTS support… and since almost  high definition .mkv files comes with DTS sound is annoying to have the cristal clear image and not be able to get sound … :frowning:

 Hopefully very soon WD team will post new firmware which will include the solution to our DTS problem.

          Thanks in advance to the WD team for working on this update! :slight_smile:

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Although version 1 of the Media Player isn’t capable of decoding the DTS soundtrack, it is passed through the optical output via a TOS link cable, where it can be decoded by a DTS-enabled amp/receiver.

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      Hello to everybody who may are struggeling with DTS sound on WD TV box 1st generation!

 Well… i had the same issue with my old amplifier and i have to admit the problem was solved imediately since i bought a new amplifier which have HDMI input. Trough HDMI the WD TV box 1st generation is able to play the DTS sound with any problem whatsoever! Yes, is it true you have to buy a new amplifier wich have HDMI input and suport DTS… but it is the only solution, since the new DTS formats are able to be played only through HDMI output’s…

 Other wise is the other solution, convert the DTS sound to digital and you’ll be able to get sound as well! (this what i was doing before buying my new amplifier…)

   regards to everybody from Athens-Greece ! :slight_smile:


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This unit will never support DTS. That’s the major difference between the Generation 1 and Generation 2 models. The Gen 1 simply doesn’t have the hardware to handle it, or so WD says, anyway.

HOWEVER, I don’t recommend getting the Gen 2 model, as it has significant bugs in the current firmware, and it has been six months since WD has released firmware for it. They do not acknowledge the bugs (audio sync issues with AAC audio within video files) and claim it’s an issue with the encoder, not the WDTV. For this reason, I suggest sticking with the WDTV HD Gen 1 model until WD releases a confirmed firmware fix, which at this point seems to be coming when Heck freezes over.

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Hi there - do you know if the DTS is also passed through optical?

My amp has a dts encoder, but the only digital ins are optical and coax.

Thanks in advance

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I’ve answered my own question.

For those wondering whether they can use the optical output from their gen1 WD TV into their beautiful amp that they REALLY don’t want to replace simply because of HDMI, very likely ruining that beautifull sound you’ve worked years to achieve, well - yes!

I just played an MKV file of Alice in Wonderland with DTS  audio, and the 6.1 sound was absolutely brilliant - my Yamaha RX-V2200 DTS decoder is mind blowing! Far better than the vast majority of Bluray decoders, I have no doubt. And the gen2? Forget about it.

BOY did I breath a sigh of relief when I realized I’d not have to re-configure my system.

So, for those who don’t want to read my emotiove nonsnese above: YES, the gen1 DOES pass DTS through the optical output - not only HDMI.


I’m now very glad I have the gen1 and not the 2.

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Hi Simon and all,

Thank you for your excellent comments in the forum. 

I have the Gen 1 WD TV HD which I bought back in Jan 2009. Recently, I have a few MKV files that produce no sound at all even though I upgraded to the latest firmware of 1.03.01.  Whenever I turn on the WD media player, I got the message “An incompatible audio signal have been received. Please check on the audio output setting”.

It that message caused by the ‘no-DTS’ supports in WD HD TV gen1? And, also it that means no future firmware will be capable to solve this issue?

I heard about your recommendation to connect the media player to an amplifier (via optical). Since I’m an ■■■■■ in Hi-Fi or amp (and never own one) , could you recommend an amp system which cost at a reasonable price for a new user of amplifier like me.

What do you think about investing on a new HD media player that support DTS instead, like the one from PlayonHD by AC Ryan? 

Thank you.



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