My wd tv 1gen and DTS problem

im from shanghai.

whats with this thing about no DTS in gen1 WD HD player??

I’ve read that it is been disabled maybe due to license issues, but Gen2 and Live models have it working just fine…

I feel ripped of ,and too many people are complaining about this. Others are looking for custom made firmware to enable it. Others try to enforce the Gen2 firmware, into the gen1 player.

Personally, if I can’t find a solution to this,Im  gonna take it back and ask for a refund and stay away from WD.

The thing is that, it is DOable. But WD wants to sell more of their newest and more expensive products.

Is there ANY kind of solution to this mess?

Thank you, and sorry for the tone, but I am really upset by all this.

any solution to it .notice me tks



otherwise i want to exchange it for a new wdtv 2gen with certain cost.

It’s not “disabled.”

DTS is only available as optical pass-through on a Gen WDTV.  DTS support was never designed into the unit.  The chip used does not support DTS.

It does not have the hardware DTS decoder that was added to the Gen2.  Gen2 firmware won’t work on a Gen1 because they’re different chips.  And if you don’t end up bricking your box trying it, even if it did work, when it sends the audio for DTS decoding, and there’s no DTS decoding there, you’re still not going to get DTS output.

You could completely re-write the player software within the unit, to try to make it do what you want, but I know of nobody who’s successfully done this, because I’m not sure you handle the audio separately from the on-chip handling.  Even the third-party firmwares use the stock firmware as a base, and add other things to the unit, like a nicer interface, but they leave the media playing code itself alone.

But every DVD on the market must have an AC3 or PCM audio track… the DTS is optional, if it exists at all.  You could always not make the DTS track the primary audio track of your media file, and then you’d have no problem.

Or you could use software like eac3to or Popcorn MKV Audio Converter, to make an ac-3 track from the DTS track.

Or, like you say, you can just buy a different unit.

thank you for your reply

your solution is very reasonable and useful

There is a simple work around, PM me if your interested in it…